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Disconnect therapy for depression, phobias, anxiety, headaches, allergies, sleep problems, dyslexia, stage fright, depression etc.

The following menu includes discussions of the various causes of mental problems and what you can do about them. In all cases, the voice therapy I present attempts to disconnect you emotionally from past emotionally upsetting events in your life, remembered or not, that may be causing at least a part of your problem.

I now have about 50 videos of disconnect therapy on YOUTUBE . I have no idea how they compare in effectiveness with this website.

If you are taking a mood-altering drug, it is unlikely anything on these pages or my videos will help you. In some way the drugs interfere with reprogramming the subconscious. That is my experience. Maybe others have different experiences. I do not do smoking and weight-loss because for me the success rate is very low. You have to want to change and most people don't, so it's a waste of time.

There are lots of words on my pages, but written words won't get you well. Neither will talk. What you must have done to have a chance of functioning better is get a reprogramming of your subconscious mind. That is best done by voice "disconnect therapy" on my pages. There are two sources. The streaming audio you see with player buttons at the bottom of the pages, and the automated therapy which is a telephone call in to a computer and is listed just below. And now the YOUTUBE site. Each has its merits. Repetition of the message often helps. All is free. All is experimental and not everyone will be helped. Nothing goes "snap". You just generally feel better and cope with stresses better.

Most popular pages for this website are fingernail biting, headaches, anxiety and sex techniques.

Additions: I have added information on physical diseases as I am now active in the alternative health movement for cancer and heart disease. See "Physical Diseases" below.

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Disconnect therapy is used in all the following exercises. Please note: I am not a doctor.

Sound file to disconnect you from stage fright
Possible help for asthma

Possible help for chronic anxiety
The Subconscious Mind
Depression as a result of an abortion
Fingernail biting
Ordinary Headaches
Migraine headaches
Disconnects you from humiliating and embarrassing experiences
Voice messages meant to improve your self esteem
Panic attacks
Fear of thunderstorms
Food Allergy
Skin diseases
Simple Therapy
How this simple therapy works
Notes for Therapists
Automated Therapy by Telephone (It really works!  With 36 different messages you can select)
Sound file to disconnect childhood upsets to age 12
Sound file to disconnect high school upsets

Sexual problems: Adults only, please. This is explicit information on techniques and problems frequently encountered in sexually dysfunctional adults or those who would like to function better.

Therapy for men's sex problems
More therapy for men's sex problems
Therapy for women's sexual response problems
Therapy for women who can't climax with man inside.
A page for men to help their women
Lovemaking techniques for men using suggestion
Therapy for the "Wet Noodle" syndrome

Physical Diseases (primarily Cancer):


I have a website now entirely devoted to cancer and the mind.

All articles below were published in Medical World (defunct) up to 1935 by doctors who were getting people well of terrible diseases at virtually no cost, using very dilute hydrochloric acid and potassium salts. I found it extremely interesting, and if you have an interest in cancer and some other "incurable conditions", you may enjoy (relish) reading it too. Copy was scanned and may have errors. Loren Parks 3-5-2002

Introduction to Three Years of HCl Therapy
Hydrochloric acid therapy (cancer in general --1935)
Acid Mineral Chlorides (cancer in general --1935)
Toxemia and Alkalosis (1935)
The Conquest of Cancer (1935 article)
Relation of Iron to Cancer (1935)
The Treatment of Cancer (1935 article)
Nature is the Best Doctor (infections, tuberculosis)
Hydrochloric Acid Produces Leucocytosis (acute infections, nephritis))
The Metchnikoff Idea
A Further Report of Cases (1935 article)
Hydrochloric acid therapy (Hodgkins Disease -- 1935)
HCl therapy in the jungles of Mexico (malaria, meningitis, tetanus, smallpox, scorpion bites, pain control, pneumonia, diabetes -- 1935)


Streaming audio mental exercises

These audio files are in Real Audio format.  You can download the free Real Player here if you don't have it.  Real Player streams the audio, and will start playing almost immediately, depending on your connection speed.  If you're on dial-up, it may take a minute or two to load.

Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from your ex-husband
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from your abusive childhood.
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from the death of a loving husband
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from a person
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect your craving for sweets
Audio on the web to possibly help you lose weight.
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from the causes of a learning disability
Streaming audio to disconnect you emotionally from a loving mother's death
Streaming audio to disconnect you emotionally from death of a pet
Streaming audio to treat the emotional upset from being jilted
Streaming audio to treat fear of flying
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from putdowns (derogatory remarks by others)
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from the possible cause of some of your headaches
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from early experiences causing motion sickness
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect you emotionally from the emotional upset following an abortion
Streaming audio on the web to disconnect women emotionally from early guilt about sex
Audio file to disconnect you from upset over a death.
Streaming audio to disconnect cause of hair pulling
Streaming audio to disconnect cause of a driving phobia

Streaming audio to disconnect you from several mother issues

My Background

I learned hypnoanalysis from Leslie LeCron and David Cheek, M.D. in 1956, both well-published authors (now deceased). I learned how powerful the mind is to effect healing from native healers in the Philippines. I cannot get the physical cures I saw when I ferried groups over there to visit the healers. The basic element in all mental healing is called "SUGGESTION." "Faith healing" is another name for it. It's in the Bible and has been used in various forms in all primitive and sophisticated societies.

Mesmer came up with "Animal Magnetism" in the 1700's and later James Braid, M.D. in the 1800's in England with "Hypnosis". A pioneer in the U.S. was Milton Erickson, M.D. In about 1921 he came up with what we now call "ideomotor finger signaling", a method of getting the subconscious to talk back to the therapist in response to questions that have YES, NO, or I DON'T KNOW answers. Hypnosis was not recognized by the American Medical Association as a valid healing method until 1966. No matter how you look at it, SUGGESTION is the necessary element. Getting the subconscious to ACCEPT the suggestion is the problem. I do what the stage hypnotists do. I use a suggestion and a "trigger" to install the suggestion (click on the mike or sound a buzzer), but I don't use hypnosis.

Many years of using various therapeutic techniques have shown me who can be easily helped and who cannot. People in ongoing, acute stress are less likely to be helped than those with chronic emotional problems (assuming normal intelligence). But if the condition is long standing, the emotional component of the causes can be disconnected by a simple technique I'm glad to share. What I do is Pavlovian in nature (from Psych. 101 in college). I try to extinguish conditioned responses installed in the subconscious by upsetting emotional events of the past.

I have an extensive background in group hypnoanalysis as well as with individuals, and most of the phenomena of the deep trance in hypnosis. I never use the deep trance in therapy (as Dr. Erickson did) because it doesn't work better than the simple methods outlined in these pages. I have not "hypnotized" anyone for at least 15 years because it isn't necessary to get the results I'm after. In fact, it's a hindrance since so many people are not readily hypnotizeable and are afraid of it because of movies they've seen. Also they have a preconceived idea as to what it is to be in hypnosis and it is totally false. In the deep trance, one does not realize it until afterwards, when he realizes some time has passed.

If I work with someone in person and have the time, I will use hypnoanalysis and ideomotor finger signaling as described by the late David Cheek, M.D., in his recent book "Hypnosis--The Application of Ideomotor Techniques." I cannot teach you that method on the web, nor perform it by automated therapy. But the simplified technique I describe works well for many people. Keep in mind that in hypnoanalysis or working with someone on the phone, I clean out a whole bunch of garbage from the past, not just one thing. I tailor-make the therapy to that person. That's why the telephone automated hotline or the streaming audio can only do so much. But if you choose the right message fitting your past, it can work quite well.

Also, we are using suggestion. Suggestions can "wear off" after a while. Maybe hours, days or months, even years. It wears off rapidly if you get under stress. By all means, repeat the exercise as much as you want or need.

Failures to cure or lessen depression are caused primarily because the person is still living in the stress situation and/or is on a tranquilizer. I don't know why it is, but this therapy and I suspect all others are not as effective when the person is on a tranquilizer or is hyperactive.

There may be nutritional or hormonal causes for depression after menopause. DHEA at the health food store may help people over 40. Loneliness, poverty, illness, out of work, love affair or marriage gone bad, etc. are difficult to deal with because they are ongoing.

Things I do work best for events or relationships that are over and done with. You'll do best having a friend work with you for ongoing stress. I am not skilled at teaching self hypnosis nor have I had much luck with it.

I am what is known as a "Lay Therapist." All I do or present is free. I do the best I can to give people insight into how our minds work, using the internet and my quite extensive personal experience.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

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